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About Our Lady

Our Lady of the Seas

Our statue of Our Lady of the Seas shown to the left of this page was based on an idea conceived by Father Andre' and developed by him and his parishioners. The statue was designed by Winterich and Associates of Cleveland, Ohio, and hand-carved in wood by Demetz Art Studio in Ortisei, Italy.


The beautiful young mother - with sand and seashells at her feet, the sea breeze blowing through her hair - holds the globe of the earth for her son.  His right hand firmly grasps his mother's hair lest he tumble from her arms as he reaches out to touch the seas of the globe.  Beneath his hand can be seen Hatteras Island, the rest of the Outer Banks, and the North Carolina coastline.

This statue is a "one of a kind". There is not another one like it in the world.This statue is a "one of a kind". 


The mother gives human life to the child; the child gives eternal life to his mother and to all those who would follow his Way.